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Maurizio Capolupo was born in Rome on 26 of May in 1957. He was interestead in street and itinerant photography since 1978.
After an amateur stage he studies in deep the photographic technique and decides to continue his experience only like an amateur.
He focus his attention on experimentation, touching different areas of photography applied to research on new trends and reportage.
In 1988 he completed a report in
Norway through Germany, Austria and Denmark to reach the Lofoten Islands. A journey which has succeeded in stimulating change and in many respects his intimate idea of the trip.
His research trough different stages, articulating partly in Europe and partly in Italy, with particular attention to the
City of Rome, whose charm is able to convey, in all its aspects, a past and a present that interact in a clear wrapping the traveler and the observer in a fable without end.
The most relevant features of his way to photograph are fatalistic and the realistic, the synthesis of which tends to give to photographic expressionism a time of great emotional impact.
Capolupo is a photographer who consider the image the most important aspect of his story. For years he walks in the streets following an instinct that is constituted in the search of people. Every time he comes back with a comprehensive quantity of images full of sensations and emotions.
Some of his
reportage it's important to highlight those dedicated to the research of the faces and expressions which often lead to use telephoto lenses.
Another important aspect is the continuous and passionate research on
murales drawn by the great writer all over the world that with their way of expressing art are able to carry anywhere new elements in the modern expressionism.
There were some exhibitions of Maurizio Capolupo: two on Rome realized in
2011 and 2012 entitled "Rome lights and shadows" and one on Berlin realized in 2013. (For the second was published a Photobook).
The years 2014-2016 have seen a progressive increase in its production activities with a series of reportage: Instanbul. The colors of the city (2014), Andalusia (2015), William Kentridge. A world on the Tiber (2015), Sant'Angelo le Fratte (2016), Amsterdam. The city of colorful bicycles .
From the month of January 2014 has started the preparation of an exhibition on the Cilento Vallo di Diano with a demanding job that has involved him in a research on the colors and shades, and in a thorough investigation of the cognitive Campania which for the suggestions raised you leaves often seize and love with delicate freshness.
The exhibition was presented in Rome in 2016.
Always in 2016 Maurizio Capolupo, with the participation of other artists, he exhibited some of his works at the cultural center Arte en las fabricas in Buenos Aires
He has made photographic services at various events offered by the photographer Maurizio Cofini.
Among his other works is to be quoted
the cover of the book "Ritratti di Vita" by Michele Salvioli.

In the last years of unceasing travel activity, Maurizio had the opportunity to create other photographic reports on Agerola, Pompei, Verona, Assisi, Ischia, Praga and, at the same time to experience the activity on other works such as Venezia in Maschera and On the Street Again (street photography).
In September 2019 has been publish the book Dario della natura in which are present some of Maurizio’s photos.
In 2020 Maurizio gave his photographic contribution to Witness Journal, an online monthly magazine that offers photojournalism and social promotion. In the same year, the publishing house Pagine dedicated to Maurizio a wide space to publish Immagini e Parole a book (in online and hard copy formats) that will be present on Amazon website and the major Italian libraries.
Capolupo prefers the ply and the laminate as photographic support two materials that are able to enhance its creativity and its expression of the image.